The History of New Life Missionary Baptist Church started in the year 2003.  The leader of the church is Pastor Wilbert E. Campbell formally of Galilee Missionary Baptist Church.  while preaching at Christ Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church (317 East Hamilton Avenue) the Spirit of the Lord came over the pastor.  Pastor Campbell had been a guest speaker at many of the churches in the community.  That Sunday Morning Pastor Campbell was directed by the Lord to focus on New Life Missionary Baptist Church. 

The pastor wanted to do what the Lord had anointed him to do, to pastor, preach, teach, and help grow the kingdom of the God.  After service was over he called a meeting with the members of New Life. He told the followers that he felt like he was being paid to preach at the other churches and he wanted to start doing what the Lord called him to do.  He discussed having Sunday service at his home if we were willing and we agreed.  He said that Sunday school and weekly meetings would come later and from that point on we became New Life Missionary Baptist Church.

We meat again December 31, watch night at the Pastor and Mrs Campbell's home.  We discussed church business and the direction the Lord was leading Pastor Campbell.  Everyone agreed on what was discussed in the meeting.  On Sunday morning January 04, 2004 we met at the pastor's home for our first Sunday Morning service.  There were nine faithful followers and one very faithful guest.  In January we started discussing another place to worship as the pastor's home was just a temporary location.  Pastor Campbell said that people would rather worship in a building that's not someone's home and we agreed that we would feel more comfortable. 

We started to a search to locate a new place of worship for New Life in the community.  Sister Bertha Catton a faithful guest joined New Life and offered her services as a Real Estate agent.  Pastor Campbell was informed of a building at 3625 Martin Luther King Avenue.  The buliding belonged to the Rev. Daniel Bridges and the new Israel church family. We thank God for Rev. Daniel Bridges and the New Israel Church family for letting us use there building and for using it rent free for three months.  We began worshiping there February 08, 2004.

We thank God we have come this far leaning and depending on His ever lasting arms.  After we began having service there we came up with another name for the church,  New Israel M.B, but that name was already taken.  We thank god that Rev. Bridges and the church family had found a dwelling place at  3417 north Saginaw street.  We discussed a few names for our new place of worship, but Pastor Campbell liked the name New Life because it symbolized a new beginning for us.  So our church became New Life Missionary Baptist Church. 

By faith the Lord has brought us a long way. We started with just nine members and little Anthony Sanders and now we have 52 members.  We thank God for all he done and will do in the future for New Life Missionary Baptist Church.  After the name had been chosen and agreed upon Pastor Campbell said it was time to organized New Life.  He talked to the moderator of God for Great Lakes Baptist Association, and Pastor of Mt. Calvary M. B. C. Dr. Henry L. Fuller and they set a date for organizing the church on October 16, 2004.  It went as Scheduled.

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